[josm-dev] JOSM help for plugin

Minh Quang chumkhungbo2003 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 11 15:37:48 GMT 2010


Hi everyone, 

Sorry for
disturbing you. We would like to have your help concerning JOSM. We are
engineering student group in France and doing an open source project
on geo-localization inside building. The project allows
determining user's position by using the WIFI technology and supplies different
additional services like navigating inside a building, searching objects
with a personalized database. The project will use different amazing existent
applications such as: Openstreetmap, JOSM, Mapnik, Nutiteq. Actually, we aim to create an OPENSTREETMAP for indoor use which
will be useful to help sightless people, elderly people
or everyone who need help to navigate inside a big building or a new commercial
center. We're implementing an openstreetmap sever on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
(a kind of cloud computing) which will store inside building plans
with a database behind storing useful information concerning objects with their
position inside. We’re trying to create a modified grammar of tag to adapt to
the inside use (new tags for floors, rooms, escalators, wifi hotspots). We’re developing
a java application which will work with Wifi signal to calculate geographic
position and communicate with openstreetmap server to determine real exact
position inside the building.  

Now, what we
would like to do is to create a new plugin for JOSM.
This plugin is an important part in our project. It will help people to create their building plans and to use our modified
grammar for the new tags. Our first question is that how JOSM is built, how you organize all data relative to the tag, how
to make a file OSM. Our second question concerns the JOSM’s GUI, like adding new buttons with different actions,
displaying a list of options. We will just add new data to existent tags and
won’t change graphic objects. Your support will be primordial and important to
boost our project. Our objective is to accomplish our first prototype in 2
weeks. Now we have already our principal java application to calculate position
and to do plan streaming, and our openstreetmap server. 

            Thank you in advance. 


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