[josm-dev] PicLayer improvements (was Re: Process to commit a patch ?)

Olivier Croquette ml at ocroquette.de
Wed Nov 10 21:17:43 GMT 2010

On 10 nov. 2010, at 19:49, Axel Kollmorgen wrote:

> On 2010-11-10 19:15, Olivier Croquette wrote:
>> I would like to commit the patch below to increase the precision of
>> the PicLayer rotation and scaling.
>> Since i have a SVN account, I can technically just do it, but what's
>> the process to do so ? Is there a review ? A defined process ?
> the process is easy: just submit the patch to the issue tracker [1], with the subject starting with "[PATCH]" [2] - and it will be reviewed. also make sure there doesn't exist a similar issue yet by using a custom query against the piclayer component [3]. note that it might take a while to get some feedback [4].

OK, I will do so, thanks.

> re: your patch: i also needed better precision of scaling a while ago. what i did was to patch the module to use a custom property (piclayer.scalefactor) instead of a hardcoded value (see attached patch). that way, i can adapt the scaling to my need: use the default most of the times, but get more precise scaling (by changing the property in the preferences) when needed.

I thought about doing this too, but since I am new to JOSM development (to Java as well actually), and I had a problem at hand I wanted to solve quickly, I didn't take the time. But with your input, it's easy now, I will probably include it in my patch. I don't like hard coded values either :-)

> even better would be if this property wouldn't have to be set by hand but by some keyboard shortcut. eg. shift-up: increase precision, shift-down: decrease precision. and another one to reset it to default. maybe even show the current scalefactor in the status bar or somewhere. just some ideas :)

Thanks for the input ! But I think the ability to set any precision on the fly is overkill. Like in many other graphical applications, the 2 modes (rough and precise) are enough, and using a modifier is a quick and standard way to switch between them.

By the way, there are some other features I need in PicLayer, like georeferencing based on reference points. Is anyone working on PicLayer ? According to SVN, there was no development since at least one year.

Best regards


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