[josm-dev] Microsoft gains access to aerial imagery

Christoph Wagner freemaps.osm at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 29 11:48:05 GMT 2010

Am 25.11.2010 20:02, schrieb Frederik Ramm:
> Ian,
> Ian Dees wrote:
>> There seem to be two methods of display that need to be handled: tiled (WMS and Slippymap) and static image (ImageLayer). Could the ImageLayer plugin be made to fit a tiled-image interface without causing too much trouble?
> I would be guessing if I said anything, really. I am the original author of both the slippy map plugin and the WMS plugin (which rested heavily on previous Landsat Plugin work) - but both are now much further advanced and I have (blissfully) lost track of the inner workings of either. (All I know is that the Yahoo stuff is still a pain, technically.)
> I have gone on record in the past saying that JOSM is too bloated (and I'd *still* like to have a really lean version from time to time), but as background layers go, I am really tempted to suggest that we try to hijack one of the existing Open Source GIS packages. gvSig, for example, supports most stuff you can think of - shapefiles, AutoCAD, KML, GML, GeoTIFF and other raster formats, WMS and
> WFS servers, direct access to spatial databases etc., and it is written in Java. I haven't looked into it really but would it not be neat to create an adapter that allowed JOSM to display gvSig datasources? Then we could have it all without additional effort.
> uDig is another popular Open Source GIS, also in Java.
> Might be one of those things that only sound good on paper though :)

What about geotools?

"GeoTools is a free, open source Java geospatial toolkit for working with both vector and raster data."

This sounds that it is exactly what we need.

There is btw a really good support for geo computations like reprojections and that stuff.


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