[josm-dev] TMS tiles with GPS traces

Alex Morega alex at grep.ro
Sat Jul 2 21:59:29 BST 2011


I made a TMS tile set using GPX data downloaded from OpenStreetMap. The idea is to make it easier to use GPS traces in JOSM - instead of downloading "Raw GPS data" from the OSM server, one would enable this imagery layer. Currently tiles are rendered for Bucharest and Sibiu in Romania. You can see them on a slippy map[1], and also in JOSM, using this TMS url pattern: "http://maps.grep.ro/tiles/tracemap/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png".

Do you think this kind of imagery is useful? Should I try to make tiles for a few more areas? If so, where?

-- Alex

[1] http://maps.grep.ro/view.html

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