[josm-dev] Problem with josm and large route relation

colliar colliar4ever at aol.com
Sun Jun 12 17:23:41 BST 2011

Am 12.06.2011 16:47, schrieb ce-test, qualified testing bv - Gert Gremmen:
> I think there is a bug in the relation editor.
> When adding a group of streets to a large relation 
> a coding error occurs, followed by a conflict that need to be resolved
> Adding the relation to the middle window
> creates a new error. The relation has 877  members (noordzeeroute)
> Can anyone confirm ?

I tried to help a user, who wrote about a similar problem on talk-de at .
He also got a conflict on a huge multipolygon relation (id: 957374 )
(landmass of italy with over 2000 members). There had been no other edit
commited to server while editing and when he tried to send me the saved
osm-file (conflict rejected) it was corrupt and seemed to be empty, but
last might be a different problem or even a user's fault.

> Has a ticket been filed ?

Please, check on trac and fill a ticket by yourself. Reports on this
list get easily forgotten and it is not much work to mark a ticket as
duplicate if needed.

Thanks and cheers


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