[josm-dev] splitting ways and relation memberships

"Dirk Stöcker" openstreetmap at dstoecker.de
Wed Apr 18 20:34:53 BST 2012


> I wonder if this is a bug or intentional:
> when you split a way part of a turn_restriction josm only associates
> the relationship membership for the part of the way that touches the
> via point. There is not the usual window asking you to confirm.

This is intentional. No need to ask user, as result is clear.

> If you connect the two parts again you get this window and shall confirm.

This probably should be fixed, as there is no need to ask here aqs well.
Probably you should file a ticket for this.

The software structure is designed to always ask except we are sure. So if
there are situations where result is clear, than we can implement code to
skip the question.

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