[josm-dev] Created a plugin, want to distribute it.

Morten Olsen Lysgaard morten at lysgaard.no
Sun Jan 8 13:31:22 GMT 2012

Hi guys.
I've created a plugin that lets you create geometry based on lat lon
It's like a beefed up version of the "Add Node" tool.
It takes a list of coordinates in text form, and then created a set of
nodes, a way or a closed way depending on what you want.
Right now it can only add new geometry, but i plan to let it change
existing geometry by letting you select a feature first and then
using the tool.

The reason i made this is that I need it for my aviation project where
airspaces often are defined by coordinates.
I figured the tool also could be good for OpenStreetMap, there probably
are things other than airspaces that are defined by

I'd like to have this plugin in the JOSM SVN. What is required of me/it
to get that?

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