[josm-dev] Maxspeed improvements

zephyr at cryptotrope.com zephyr at cryptotrope.com
Mon Oct 1 04:52:35 BST 2012

> I'm trying to re-engineer the maxspeed stylesheet, but I'm not quite sure
> why not all of the values I'm expecting are drawing in.  I suspect the
> colors picked are somehow not right, I'm trying to get the colors to match
> those used for car speed gpx tracks.  I've attached my rewrite.

I looked at my style sheet, and the only two differences (aside from choice of colors) were the mode=under and alpha value of 19.  I had moder = over, but that change didn't help.  

My style sheet had an alpha of A0.  When I changed to that you color they showed up fine, although I couldn't discern a difference between 25 mph (residential) and 30 mph (arterial).

Hope that helps


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