[josm-dev] JOSM Plugin no_more_mapping

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Oct 28 00:02:23 GMT 2012


On 27.10.2012 15:14, colliar wrote:
> I do not see any reason for deleting the source

Maybe it was indeed an overreaction on my part to remove the source from 
SVN. Of course it is still accessible even if removed, but I have now 
reinstated it.

I am however adamant that removing the compiled jar file from the "dist" 
directory, and thereby from the list of downloadable plugins in JOSM, 
was right. There may be educational value in the source code, but there 
is no value in having the plugin offered in JOSM for download. The fact 
that we are Open Source and trying to create as little hurdles as 
possible (anyone can get an SVN account, anyone can add their plugins to 
the list, even anonymous website users can add pointers to whatever) 
does not mean that we're openly inviting shenanigans.

Only recently DWG had to block two vandals who were randomly deleting 
and falsifying data in OSM. When challenged, their response was: "Yeah, 
we were just testing your security, and you should really do something 
about that." - I wanted to yell: We don't have any security and that's 
by design, to make mapping easier for everyone, and it is people like 
you who in the end force us to erect all these barriers and make life 
harder on everyone, but thanks for all your help!

Same here. Some might find it a humorous way of pointing the finger at 
our vulnerabilities ("if someone runs this without looking then he was 
asking for it!") but I don't find it all that funny.

> and wonder that it needs only
> one person to delete working code from svn.

It only needs one person to add something bad, and this is by design - 
we don't want people to have to ask for permission first. Consequently, 
one person is also sufficient to remove something bad.

The alternative is having a "plugin task force" that approves all 
plugins (and every update on every plugin...) and that can also be asked 
to remove ones which are thought to be problematic.


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