[josm-dev] MapMode - MouseWheelListener and KeyListener?

Russell Edwards russell at edwds.net
Thu Sep 20 07:25:45 BST 2012

On 20/09/12 04:41, Paul Hartmann wrote:
> I put your code in SelectAction and MouseWheelListener worked directly.
> Not sure if you can easily suppress zoom, though. What is your mapmode 
> about?
> Other plugins have a similar similar setup, e.g. alignways has a 
> mapmode with MouseListener. In order to catch keystrokes, you should 
> try AWTEventListener.

Thanks very much -- all working now.

I have also successfully temporarily disabled map zooming  using 
Main.map.mapView.getMouseWheelListeners() and looping 
Main.map.mapView.removeMouseWheelListener(). I do this when my mode gets 
a mousePressed, and then reinstate them all with 
Main.map.mapView.addMouseWheelListener() when I get mouseReleased.

Is this allowed? It's a bit sneaky as the listeners are added by 
mapView's private member MapMover. Maybe mapView should have public 
lockMap() and unlockMap() methods?

Why do I do it? It happens to be a convenient way for the user to modify 
a selection box while they are still making it. (It's a rectangle 
selection of arbitrary orientiation, for selecting GPS points which lay 
along a straight line - so mouse x and y click drag and release are 
needed to determine the start and end of the long axis of the rectangle, 
and the scroll wheel / arrow keys are available if the width of the 
rectangle needs changing from its default due to e.g. excess spread of 
GPS points.) The user would not want to scroll or zoom the view during 
this procedure anyway, so I don't see the harm in taking over the scroll 
wheel during this operation.


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