[josm-dev] JOSM graphics contest

Dirk Stöcker openstreetmap at dstoecker.de
Fri Oct 3 20:29:48 UTC 2014

On Fri, 3 Oct 2014, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:

>> the submission phase for the graphics contents is over. The results can be
>> seen at https://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/LogoContest page. Whoever wants
>> can send feedback to contest at josm.openstreetmap.de.
> Maybe I am lacking some coffee here.

Seems so :-)

> Was the logo already chosen internally by the JOSM developers?

No. But we have our favourites which seems to be much in sync with the 
feedback we got until now and also between the three of use (which makes 
life easier). Feedback may help to find a clear favourite or confuse us 
more. Anyway it is appreciated.

It's like with all josm work. We hear what people say, but we do the final 

> And where exactly we can send feedback for this? (ticket, somewhere on
> wiki, some e-mail?)

To the given e-mail with a helpful subject. I replaced the @ by "at", as 
is common to prevent too much spam.

Repeated: contest at josm.openstreetmap.de

http://www.dstoecker.eu/ (PGP key available)

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