[josm-dev] Undelete

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Oct 19 12:37:50 UTC 2014


   I have added code to the OSM API that supports a "/deleted" API call
with a syntax equal to the "/map" call, just returning deleted objects
in the bounding box.

The aim is to use this for an undelete feature.

In order to verify that what I'm doing makes sense, I'd like to code
such an undelete feature for JOSM.

It would roughly have to do the following:

* Make "deleted" call against API. This call will return a number of
deleted objects (e.g. <way id="1" visible="false" version="2">) which
will neither have tags nor members or coordinates. In addition, the call
will also return the previous, not-deleted version of every object, as
well as all linked objects (i.e. nodes for a deleted way) even if those
have not been deleted.

* Display deleted objects in separate layer.

* Allow user to copy stuff from separate layer into a normal data layer,
thereby "undeleting" them.

* When undeleting, even though version X is being shown, JOSM will have
to use version X+1 on upload since that is the current version on the API.

I haven't kept track of JOSM development in the last few years, so you
could help me a lot by pointing me in the right directions. Would it
make sense to piggyback this on e.g. the changeset reverter plugin or
something else that does similiar things?

When copying a way from one layer to another layer, will required nodes
be copied with it? What if a required node exists in the target layer


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