[josm-dev] Possible patch to MessageNotifier : Offer mappers visibility into tag discussions

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Fri Mar 27 07:05:56 UTC 2015

On Do, Mär 26, 2015 at 03:45:10 -0700, Bryce Nesbitt wrote:
> Put another way:  thousands of mappers will use editors like JOSM, mapping
> happily.  My goal here is to find ways to
> give those mappers a view into the discussions behind the data.  A link to
> OSM weekly news for example, would fit in just as well.
> This is not meant to be anything big or intrusive.  Just the message that
> "the wider community is currently talking about X, Y, Z".

Have you considered that those thousands of mappers are not interested in
endless discussions about tags? If they are, they can subscribe to the relevant
mailing lists etc. For me seeing any news or discussions when starting JOSM ist
the worst possible moment, because I started it with a specific goal in mind,
ie editing something in OSM. I don't want to be distracted by news then.

Don't force your ideas about what other OSMers should know on others. As Dirk
said: Feel free to create a plugin. This gives users a choice.

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