[josm-dev] IPv6 problems

Philip Homburg pch-osm-josm-dev at u-1.phicoh.com
Fri Jan 1 19:24:00 UTC 2016

> may work or not" then it's ok when a provider only delivers data
> to half of the world? Well, why pay money for devlivery the other
> half?
> A network access which has permanent connectivity issues is broken!
> If you go into the future you will have IPv6 only. No IPv4 fallback.
> And it has to work. Yes - we currently have a chance to try again
> with IPv4 and JOSM doesn't use that chance. Well, JOSM doesn't do
> many other things as well.
> But telling me that it's JOSM's fault that providers are incapable
> to do their work properly is nonsense.

As an IPv6 hacker and JOSM user (I don't know about the internals of JOSM):
- If a network has a permanent problem to reach a particular destination, 
  then that's network problem not the application's. In IPv6 land, there is
  the unfortunate Cogent/Hurricane Electric issue. The only option is to
  connect to both. However, transient errors may still occur.
- Ideally, operating systems should ship with a happy eyeballs implementation
  in the C library. I don't know any that does. It is not such a great idea
  for applications to roll their own. Mostly because you may want knobs to
  configure things system wide.
- All applications should loop over all addresses returned by getaddrinfo.
  There is simply no excuse not to. If java makes it impossible to iterate
  over all addresses that it is java that is horribly broken.

Just my few cents.

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