I18n of JOSM plugins (with Gradle build) via Transifex

Florian Schäfer florian at schaeferban.de
Tue Jan 16 11:18:54 UTC 2018

Hello fellow JOSM developers,

I'd like to make an announcement for plugin developers and translators:

Translators, you can now translate a few JOSM plugins at Transifex.com
[1] (the other translations are still on Launchpad).
Plugin developers, if you are building with Gradle you can now easily
export and import strings for i18n using Gradle.


Very recently I added i18n support to the gradle-josm-plugin [2].
Starting with v0.3.1, JOSM plugins using Gradle as build system can
export translatable strings and later process the translated strings.

Since in the past there were occasional thoughts to switch to Transifex
for translations [3][4], I figured this would be a good opportunity to
try to migrate a few plugins over. Maybe it proves useful for future
efforts in this direction.
So I started to upload translatable strings to Transifex yesterday.
At the moment the translatable strings for the JOSM plugins `Mapillary`
and `geojson` are now available on Transifex.

Both plugins can now be translated on both platforms, but I'd like to
migrate the `Mapillary` plugin to Transifex completely to avoid that
translation work is done two times on two different platforms.
I'll leave it up to the other maintainers of JOSM plugins built with
Gradle to decide if and where to translate the plugins [5].
Quick statistics: AFAIK there are eight plugins built with Gradle,
seven of these use the  gradle-josm-plugin, of those all except
`Mapillary` and `geojson` are currently not translated at all.

Is there a simple way to disable pushing translations to Launchpad for
the Mapillary plugin? Or would it be easier to remove the plugin from
the Ant build? I think, the Gradle build offers all necessary
functionality now, so it wouldn't hurt much to only build with Gradle.
For me, i18n was the last big bit that was missing in the Gradle build.

I hope this proves useful for some developers/translators. If you have
any feedback, questions or other comments, feel free to write it here. 

With kind regards,
Florian aka floscher

P.S.: I'd like to emphasize, that I don't want to force anything onto
other developers, neither Gradle nor Transifex. These are the choices I
made for the Mapillary plugin and which I'm offering in the form of the
gradle-josm-plugin to everybody who's interested.


[1]: https://transifex.com/josm/josm

[2]: https://github.com/floscher/gradle-josm-plugin , instructions for
i18n at https://github.com/floscher/gradle-josm-plugin/blob/master/docs

[3]: https://josm.openstreetmap.de/ticket/8645

[4]: https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/josm-dev/2017-February/0

[5]: I didn't ask the maintainer(s) of the geojson plugin yet. If they
want to stay with Launchpad, I'll remove the project from Transifex
again. For the moment it only serves demonstration purposes.
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