Support HTTPS

Dirk Stöcker openstreetmap at
Sat Mar 24 14:57:04 UTC 2018


for some years we are step by step migrating JOSM to https. Many others 
are doing the same, so the https usage is increasing a lot everyday.

Now JOSM server is completely https itself and in the last weeks also 
external resources like maps, styles, plugins, rules, presets step by step 
have been migrated. There are still some hundred links not using https, 
but many hundreds have been fixed already.

To get rid of the remaining ones I created a ticket:

This contains a list of servers, which answer on port 443, but links are 
still in http. Servers who not answer on port 443 are not included!

Please help fixing these entries!

1) Some entries may simply be fixed by switching the link (e.g. these 
with 200 OK message).
  a) If in the wiki simply fix it (and test it!)
  b) If external inform the author and document it in the ticket

2) Some are broken server setups
  a) If an openstreetmap service please inform the authors to fix it and 
document this in the ticket
  b) If not OSM and you know the contacts, ask them friendly to fix it and 
document what you did in the ticket
  c) Otherwise only document the server state in the ticket for later 

-- (PGP key available)

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