[Legal-general] Biting the Database Bullet

Sunburned Surveyor sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 18:31:12 GMT 2008

Did we decide to bite the database bullet for our OSM PD repository?

I took the plunge myself. I've installed MySQL on my laptop, and I'm
in the process of installing Perl and a local web server so I can test
perl/javascript/database interactions. Perl/CGI is something that I
wanted to learn anyways, and this seems like a good opportunity to do
just that.

I found the information about the software stack used by OSM on the
OSM wiki. I'm going to study there database schema over the next
couple of days. I'll likely duplicate it on my own laptop, with some
small modifications.

If we decide that a repository with a database foundation is the way
to go, then I would suggest the following:

- Let's ask Martin Spott if he can set us up a MySQL server and a CGI
directory on our space on the Telascience server.
- Kari or Joseph can install a software stack that mirrors the OSM
software stack. I've already started collecting some data we can test
the server with.
- I'd like to get a "experimental" database on the server. This will
give me (and others) a change to tweak the OSM software stack to
better suit OSM PD needs.

I must admit that my biggest concern about this move is my own lack of
knowledge about the OSM software stack. This lack of knowledge means
my ability to help with maintenance will be seriously limited. I am
also loathe to depend on a software stack that I know little about. I
think we can limp by in this situation for a while, but my personal
goal would be to replicate the software stack with parts that I know
and understand.

However, if our other OSM PD advocates are comfortable with the
software stack and how it works, then I won't worry about this issue.
I can just tinker around with Perl and worry about contributing data.


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