[OSM-legal-talk] By-SA attribution to... who?

Thomas Walraet thomas at walraet.com
Mon Jun 19 00:08:09 BST 2006

Christopher Schmidt a écrit :
> Someone suggested "Copyright OpenStreetmap users" but I don't know that
> that's specific enough under a legal license.

 From my memory, it was "OpenStreetMap contributors" with a link to the 
OSM website, where correct attribution should be available.

If this is not considered correct enough for the CC-by-sa, I think we 
should change OSM license or terms of use. It is not realistic to 
require a list of contributors to be provided with all derivative works 
(for example, a map used on a printed flyer).

Side note : I was searching information on http://creativecommons.org/ 
when it strike me. The whole website (except where otherwise noted) is 
licensed under a "by" CC license, but there's no mention to who are the 

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