[OSM-legal-talk] OS coyright issues

David Groom reviews at pacific-rim.net
Tue May 9 17:42:39 BST 2006

I noticed at the IOW workshop weekend how in-copyright Ordnance Survey  maps (herein after referred to simply as "OS maps") were not used in the planning stages at all.

Firstly, I'll make clear that at present I have not needed to use OS maps at any stage as I have been working on areas local to me. 

However I have a number of points / questions.

1) Is the objection to using OS maps legally justified.

I ask this because:

a) as there become more and more contributors to OSM, the likelihood of some of them using OS maps for planning increases

b)  it was suggested that there might be an OSM workshop in the Lake District.  However it was pointed out that it would be totally reckless to go wandering the Lake District without having made reference to a current OS map.

2)  The copyright notice on an OS map prohibits reproduction, but using it to plan a route for which original data would be collected and then used to produce a map surely is not reproduction.

2a) Can I use an OS map to decide when to start my mapping. I'm not being critical of others here, but just making a point - I note from some of the gpx tracks for people getting to / from the IOW workshop that some of contributors travelled on motorways.  As these were unlikely to be included on 50 year old OS maps then either:

 (i) people were very lucky to have happened to stumbled across a quick route to the Isle of Wight that included motorways; or 
(ii) people may have used a copyrighted source in order to determine how to get to the Isle of Wight and start mapping (and incidentally create the gpx track of their route to the Isle of Wight)


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