[OSM-legal-talk] Attribution and user Ids...

Thomas Walraet thomas at walraet.com
Mon May 22 00:51:52 BST 2006

SteveC a écrit sur talk at openstreetmap.org :
>> * Will ask for OSM username and password, so stuff gets tagged with the 
>> uploader's ID.  
> Stuff already is tagged with ID, it's just not shown yet as I'm
> privacy-cautious.

I think it's a point we should talk about. (that's what this list is 
made for no ?)

If I participate to an open project as OSM, it's not to be anonymous. 
I'd like the world to know that (tiny) parts of the data is collected by 
me. And for the legal aspect, I think it's illegal to distribute OSM 
data without proper attribution (it's the BY clause of the CC license used).

-> User ID should be available in REST API and planet.osm. If people 
tends to think it's a privacy issue, we should put a warning about this 
on the register page.
(My opinion is that we should ask people what name they liked to be used 
for their contribution's attribution. This allow to give a name that 
will be used instead of the mail (spam concern), or to give "anonymous" 
for people who wants to remain anonymous. By adding a field for that on 
the registration screen, we also give a strong signal to the user that 
his name (or whatever he will put here) _is_ going to be published)

-> If a map is a derivative work of the CC-by-sa licensed data available 
on OSM, it should give attribution to all copyright owner whose work has 
been used... Not really possible for most usage. Is the BY clause is a 
good thing for us considering this point ?
(My opinion is that we should keep the BY when data is 
exported/copied/etc. as data, but add the possibility to attribute the 
data to OSM "as a whole" for usage as drawing a map)

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