[OSM-legal-talk] [OSM-talk] Canadian data: new license is more permissive

Interlug interlug at weait.net
Fri Apr 6 03:52:09 BST 2007

On 4/5/07, Christopher Schmidt <crschmidt at crschmidt.net> wrote:
> The problem here is that OSM doesn't (afaik) have a standardized tag for
> attribution yet. (or does it?)

We use the source tag for coastline import scripts.  So a source or
attribution tag could be done at import.

> With no API to see who has contributed to
> a particular collection, it's hard to know who should be credited for
> each part of the map -- and in a case where all the data on a map is
> populated by Canadian data, that could be seen as an actual violation of
> the terms of use of the data.
> If something like that exists -- either social or technical -- then I
> don't see any reason, speaking as someone who has had some legal
> advice on creating collections of geodata (though not as a lawyer), that
> this data couldn't be integrated. Including this copyright message then
> becomes the responsibility of the mapmaker.

It's crazy to put dozens of attributions on one printed map.  That
would obliterate a small map.

Perhaps the osm copyright becomes
(C) http://www.openstreetmap.org/license
which is the CC-SA license and acknowledgment of "and many other
sources" which links to a page with all of the other sources, by
geographic region.  Those each link to the specific license at the
time the data was imported.

Renderers can put the copyright notice in.  The wiki and slippy maps
can link to the license page, editors and svn can include the credits

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