[OSM-legal-talk] Council held public domain data

Jon Stockill lists at stockill.net
Sun Apr 22 12:08:14 BST 2007

I've been thinking about data held by my local council, and how to 
access the public parts of it without reference to OS proprietary data - 
the council clearly acknowledge that some of the data they hold is in 
the public domain - this is taken from their website:

"Ordnance Survey mapping is provided by the Council under licence from 
Ordnance Survey in order to fulfil its public function to make available 
Council held public domain information. Historical Mapping© and database 
right Crown copyright Landmark Information Group Ltd (All rights 
reserved 2007)."

Since they are in charge of street naming it is reasonable to assume 
that this information is in the public domain, however, the data is 
polluted by being referenced on an ordnance survey map.

If I were to map a suitably old housing estate from New Popular Edition 
data I'd have streets, but not names. I can't go look up the names on 
the map provided by the council....


If I rang the planning department to ask them the name of the street off 
Leeds Road between Grey Street and First Avenue, and was told that this 
is Silver Street, could the information be used? Yes, internally the 
council may well have made reference to an OS map, but the information 
provided to me is only the public domain information which they hold.

Taking this a step further - does this really need to be a council 
employee? Could someone who had no involvement in OSM mapping in a 
particular area do the lookups for me?


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