[OSM-legal-talk] council lists as a starting point for mapping

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 02:19:08 GMT 2007

my local council website has lots of information regarding items that
i would like to map

e.g. parks

this data is copyrighted and not released under a compatible license,
preventing it's use in OSM

however, can i use this as a starting point for mapping?

for instance, previous to reading this list, i had no knowledge of
Aitken reserve, a park near my house. having read the page, i go to
the address they give, whip out my gps and map the boundaries,
playgrounds, toilets, etc. and enter the data into OSM.

a key point: without visiting the park, i can not get enough info from
the website to fully map it

is this contravening their copyright? there are 400+ in auckland, some
are very difficult to find, relying upon a mapper chancing upon them
all is not going to give good results?

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