[OSM-legal-talk] council lists as a starting point for mapping

Tony Bowden tony at tmtm.com
Fri Dec 7 00:25:10 GMT 2007

Nic Roets wrote:
> I'm not a lawyer, but I'd say it's OK under these conditions :
> a) you're visiting all the objects you're mapping and
> b) you're primary goal is to explore new places and share your
> findings (as opposed to completing the OSM map so that you can use it
> in some commercial project)

IANAL either, although I have done a university level introduction to
law course, and spent several small fortunes on legal advice over the
course of my professional life (some directly related to copyright
issues) but this seems weird to me.

I do also know that EU and US laws are different on lots of this stuff,
and that it's a reasonably fast changing area. I have no idea at all of
NZ law (although as of a couple of weeks ago, I'm currently living in

But, as I understand it, you still can't copyright raw facts, only a
specific expression of them. The council can't copyright the existence
of a park! They can prevent you copying the page of their website where
they provide the information, but the idea that they can prevent you
doing anything you want with the pure factual information that you glean
from it seems absurd.


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