[OSM-legal-talk] cc-by-sa and j2me application-data bundle

tim chippy2005 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 18:12:49 BST 2007


whilst researching about osm and j2me mobile phones, stumbled across
"Vietnamese GPS, vgps" which say they support openstreetmap data. It
looks quite nice.

.osm files have to be compiled with the Java source to make the
application. It's not open source, so the developers want people to
send them their .osm files, and they would make the j2me application,
for a negotiable fee.

I was wondering if this fits in with the CC-BY-SA licence?

There's a few free pre-packaged applications,
I couldn't get it to work, so couldn't check. If they were made with
osm data, I would imagine, however, that they would need to have the
proper attribution?

>From what I gather the CC-BY-SA allows people to be able to make money
out of doing things with osm data (and I wish the vgps guys well!!),
so long as, if they distribute it, they give any distribution a
CC-BY-SA licence.

Is selling a compiled application to one person distribution?
There's nothing about having to release the source in the cc-by-sa is there?
If I gave them some money and made one for my city, and then
distributed it, what then?



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