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It boils down to you, Franc, being able to do anything you personally like with the data provided that a) you've given them correct personal details, and b) attribute any map etc that you make with wording in clause 6.  You can also give (well, sublicense) the data to others, e.g. OSM, under the same conditions provided that (c) you keep records of who you gave the data to and what is done with the data (clause 8).

If your intent is indeed to add some of the data (I've not looked at it) into OSM's database in some way, you/we could probably comply with the attribution OK within the database but would have difficulty insuring that people that make Australian maps also correctly attributed.  The record keeping would also be practically very difficult to comply with I think.

I suggest that the best approach would be someone from the OSM Foundation board to license the data directly using OSMF as the Licensee and write an email asking about clauses 6 and 8 explaining that members of the public can access the OSM database (the Derivative Product in the legalese) and make further Derived Products without any formal control.

Usual caveat, IANAL!


At 12:08 PM 14/07/2007, Franc Carter wrote:

>This time with the attachment
>On 7/14/07, Franc Carter <<mailto:franc.carter at gmail.com>franc.carter at gmail.com> wrote:
>I followed a chain of links from the 'possible data sources' and found an Australian
>Government web site where it's possible to download various bit of geospatial data. 
>The license (attached) seems to grant the right to do pretty much anything with it, as 
>long as you acknowledge the source (legalese melts my brain, so I'd really appreciate
>someone double checking it).
>If there is some way we can comply with the license ?
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