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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jul 17 15:54:54 BST 2007


> There are interesting cases, such as the waterways data, where large
> datasets that could be combined with OSM maps to the benefit of the
> public cannot be used because of their licence. Here I would hope that
> people can take the long-term view and work to build an environment
> where data that now seems impossible to open up will eventually be
> able to be freed. OSM may eventually provide enough of a rival to the
> OS that there is no reason for the OS not to be opened up.

"I would like to use OSM as a backdrop for non-free data instead of  
paying thousands of pounds to the OS for the same. I'd much rather  
buy you a server from that money because I like what you're doing!"

"Sorry but we'd really like you to take the long-term view and work  
to build an environment where your other data will eventually also be  

Come on, let's be a little bit pragmatic here!

> If the project is not seeking to contribute to OSM, is not seeking to
> pass on to its users the freedom that it believes is such a benefit,
> and is not after anything other than cheaper data, it is not a loss to
> OSM or to that project's users if that project has to pay its way in
> the world.

Dunno. If people gave us even a fraction of the money they shell out  
for OS data we could do a lot with that. Not just buy beer but really  
work towards achieving our goals. You seem to assume that anyone who  
is unable to make his end product CC-BY-SA is "not seeking to  
contribute to OSM". This is plain wrong. The person might not be in a  
a situation where "taking the long-term view and working to build an  
environment" etc.etc. is an option but that does not mean they won't  
support our cause.

> Given the effectiveness of OSM in gaining data so far, and
> particularly following the AND deal, I don't think that the licence
> needs changing to be more appealing.

Gaining data is only a part of what we want. We also want people to  
use our data. Our data is worthless if it is not used.


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