[OSM-legal-talk] Same old derived/collective question

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Thu Jul 19 19:34:32 BST 2007

I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice.

Richard Fairhurst wrote:

> If they together make a derivative work, I can't. The photos aren't  
> mine to relicense under CC-SA. (In common with many publishers, we  
> generally don't own the copyright on what we publish in the magazine,  
> just first serial rights.)
> Any thoughts about which it would be?

Use of photographs as illustrations doesn't generally create a 
derivative work. The numeric key might appear to create a derivative but 
if this was the case then library card files would presumably be massive 
copyright infringements.

You could try asking ArtLaw, they've been very helpful when I've asked 
them questions in the past:


Or failing that the cc-uk list, which has more UK lawyers than the 
cc-licenses list, might be able to help:


- Rob.

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