[OSM-legal-talk] Do I have copyright on data I upload?

Iván Sánchez Ortega ivansanchez at escomposlinux.org
Mon Jul 23 12:08:43 BST 2007

El Monday 23 July 2007 12:51:07 Alilo escribió:
> I would like to know if I retain the copyright on the data that I
> upload to OSM server ?
> Can I give it to other project? resell it with my conditions?

Short answer: Yes, yes, yes.

Long answer:
Remember that, when uploading data to OSM, you are licensing it under a 
creativecommons license, which is non-exclusive. The key here 
is "non-exclusive": you retain all rights over your work.

The guys at creativecommons.org explain a lot better:

So, yes, you can dual-license your work. The only thing you have to keep in 
mind is: do not license your work under any exclusive license.

BTW, have a look here:

Hope that helps,
Iván Sánchez Ortega <ivansanchez at escomposlinux.org>

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