[OSM-legal-talk] NSW GNB data

Ian Sergeant isergean at hih.com.au
Tue Jul 24 02:30:45 BST 2007

"Franc Carter" <franc.carter at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have been given permission to derive suburb boundaries for NSW from
> on the Geographical Names Board, which will allow me to work out accurate
> suburb boundaries as long as I a famliliar with the area (the maps
> are pretty basic),
> as long as we acknowledge that the points so derived are copyright of the
> I am planning to add the notice to the Australian section of the
> wiki and attribute
> the GNB is the source tag of the nodes and ways that I create.
> Does this sounds reasonable ? Any other ideas ?

Everybody who contributes to OSM retains copyright on their contributions.
The GNB would be no different to anyone else in that respect.

The compelling question, as I see it, is if they will license their data
under CC-SA?


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