[OSM-legal-talk] NSW GNB data

Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Tue Jul 24 11:32:36 BST 2007

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Ian Sergeant wrote:
> "Franc Carter" <franc.carter at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have been given permission to derive suburb boundaries for NSW from
> maps
>> on the Geographical Names Board, which will allow me to work out accurate
>> suburb boundaries as long as I a famliliar with the area (the maps
>> are pretty basic),
>> as long as we acknowledge that the points so derived are copyright of the
> GNB.
>> I am planning to add the notice to the Australian section of the
>> wiki and attribute
>> the GNB is the source tag of the nodes and ways that I create.
>> Does this sounds reasonable ? Any other ideas ?
> Everybody who contributes to OSM retains copyright on their contributions.
> The GNB would be no different to anyone else in that respect.
> The compelling question, as I see it, is if they will license their data
> under CC-SA?

If all they want is attribution, which is common for government data
sources, then yes, CC-by-sa gives them that, but OSM won't respect that
license, even though we say that's the license we use, because we don't
list contributors on the map (for example in the way that Google, MS,
Yahoo etc. all do). We do expect others to credit OSM when they use our
maps. This is the other half of the on-going license debate.

If we can fix this, we can use Canada's national mapping agency's data,
and probably others.

Robert (Jamie) Munro
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