[OSM-legal-talk] NSW GNB data

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Tue Jul 31 16:58:58 BST 2007

Franc Carter wrote:

> An update - I emailed the GNB copyright person and explained the 
> way OpenStreetmap worked and the ramifications for the use of 
> the data. I also offered to tag each of the nodes with the short 
> GNB copyright line - which he is satisfied with as complying 
> with their requirements.

But if I use my freedom to edit the data (as granted by CC-SA-BY?),
to remove these tags, then I violate their requirement.  I'm not 
saying that this should stop us, but I wonder how anybody is going 
to enforce any attribution requirement.  Don't we already have an 
established practice to only attribute OSM and not the individual 

When I was editing coastlines earlier this year, I removed some 
"source" tags that OJW's script had put there, because Maplint 
reported them as unknown and this stopped me from finding actual 
errors in the data.  In that case, the source tags were not 
required by any copyright holder, because the source of the 
coastline data was in the public domain.  Something similar could 
happen, by accident or ignorance, to any "copyright" tags in the 
database.  Should the API put a lock on such tags?

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