[OSM-legal-talk] Digital Chart of the World

Ed ed1p at btinternet.com
Fri Jun 15 20:50:52 BST 2007

Some years ago (circa 1995-96) I purchased the four CDs which make up a
digital chart of the world. The data in these CDs forms a 1:1000000 scale
vector basemap of the world in VPF format. The primary source for this data
is the US Defense Mapping Agency Operational Navigation Chart (DNC) series.
Most of this data obviously comes from LandSats, but also contains data such
as hypsography, drainage, roads, place names, land cover, vegetation, rail,
utilities, cultural landmarks, transportation structure, physiography and

The licence/manual accompanying the disks states:
"This database contains some British Crown copyright data, which are
reproduced with the permission of the Controller of Her Britannic Majesty's
Stionery Office. These data, in their DCW form may be freely reproduced and

Does this mean I can use this database as a 'copyright free' reference, or
is there some legal catch?


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