[OSM-legal-talk] The big license debate

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Mar 1 02:19:12 GMT 2007


> Core Requirements:
> To provide a clear unambiguous framework (both legal and in terms of 
> statement of intent) on a global basis in which to:
> 1) encourage private individuals to contribute geodata to OSM
> 2) encourage commercial entities to contribute geodata to OSM or 
> otherwise assist OSM's objectives without charge

> Enough for now.  My questions to the list are:  Are these items 
> non-contentious across the board of opinion?  

It's ok for me. However I see some holes between "private individuals" 
and "commercial entities"; there are also "individuals acting for their 
own commercial gain", and "non-commercial entities", to name but two.

I say this because this duality - private happy campers on one side, 
global-galactic commercial empires on the other - seems to be in many 
heads and it actually hurts the debate. Individuals acting for their 
commercial gain are probably a potent and highly creative group, and if 
the manner in which we treat them is based on the vision of a multi 
billion pound commercial empire, things go awry.


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