[OSM-legal-talk] The big license debate

Thomas Walraet thomas at walraet.com
Fri Mar 2 13:15:16 GMT 2007

Richard Fairhurst a écrit :
> I wouldn't say Linux has unequivocally beaten BSD. 

For real success story of free software without copyleft, I think that 
products from the Apache Foundation are a better example than BSD.

The Apache httpd server, Tomcat, Jakarta libs, etc. are really widely 
used. Corporates include those product in their proprietary softwares, 
but most of them also contribute back their changes to the project 
instead of making a fork.

> One has got onto lots of people's desktops through Debian, Ubuntu
> etc., the other via OS X.

OS X is for me a strong advocate against licenses without copyleft.
In the first years they kept their kernel open, but one day they decided 
to close access to their version.

For OSM, I'd like to have a copyleft on geodata but not necessarily on 
any "products" made from the geodata. I don't know if the CC-BY-SA 
license could be interpreted this way but maybe. (by stating what is 
considered a derived product and what is not)

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