[OSM-legal-talk] Is the "data share-alike" road navigable?

Laurence Penney lorp at lorp.org
Thu Mar 8 18:05:03 GMT 2007

Thomas Walraet wrote:
> Tom Chance a écrit :
>> One alternative might be to draft a license that says: you
>> can make pretty maps and reserve all rights, but you must
>> release the source material used back under this same license.
>> Such a requirement has been discussed in the CC community, but
>> it's generally regarded as too onerous or complicated to
>> implement in a copyright license. Is this something that you,
>> Richard and others who disapprove of a blanket BY-SA license,
>> would approve of?
> I think Richard should be agree with this. Just read this blog entry :
> http://www.systemed.net/blog/entry060613093350.html
> If in a hurry, just read the sentence in bold.

[Richard Fairhurst writes on his blog:]
A successful ShareAlike geodata licence could be based around this 
"source code" provision. You would be required to make the raw geodata 
("source code") available for any derived work that you produce using 
this free geodata.

Can someone explain how this would work if I publish (print or web) an 
OSM-derived map, whereupon are overlaid data that cannot be licensed 

For example, I put Placeopedia markers all over the map. (The 
locations are derived from Google Maps.) For another example, the 
Ordnance Survey gives me permission to show MasterMap data in a 
transparent layer on top of an OSM map.

Won't almost all cool uses that will be thought of for OSM data suffer 
this way?

-- Laurence

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