[OSM-legal-talk] Talk tonight...

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Nov 14 13:50:29 GMT 2007


> Late notice I'm afraid, but if anyone is in Edinburgh this evening  
> then
> I am doing a talk to the Scottish Society for Computers and the Law on
> OSM and Copyright. Applying the IANAL but... in front of a bunch of
> lawyers will be interesting and I'm hoping to get an interesting
> discussion.... (although they don't actually know much about this  
> stuff)
> anyhow I may get some good contacts.
> Now I know that we had hoped to get some proper legal advice but  
> I'm not
> sure if we ever did what was the status of this.
> Any thoughts on stuff that I should emphasise?

I think that my pet peeve of "unable to create work derived from  
wikipedia and OSM at the same time" or, more approriately, "able to  
create work but unable to distribute it in any legal way" might prove  
an interesting conundrum; I don't know if this is a common issue in  
legal or if this is something new that only pops up with the type of  
copyleft licensing we have.

I know that in some countries the church will only allow marriage  
between two people of different faith if they promise to bring their  
offspring up in the "right" religion, which of course breaks if both  
churches involved act like this ;-)


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