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> Quoting Steve Coast <steve at asklater.com>:
> > So if I have a piece of paper, with a OSM map of London at the top,
> > and a paragraph about Lodon from wikipedia at the bottom, that breaks
> > something even if I put the respective licenses on them?
> Under BY-SA, no.
> Under the FDL, yes.
> Welcome to the whacky world of incompatible but equally valid
> interpretations of American copyright law by different licence authors.

If you open a book you will see '(c) author' at the start of the book, and
then though the book you will find photos '(c) someone else' and possibly
even maps with '(c) Crown' or '(c) Bartholomew's'.

I suggest you do the same. If you are quoting from wikipedia and OSM I
suggest you either acknowledge these at the bottom of the article or
presentation with a phrase such as 'maps (cc-by-sa) OpenStreetMap' and
'additional content FDL wikipedia'. Alternatively you could acknowledge the
maps under each map.

Either way, your work is a collective work and the same licence does not
need to apply to every element. (CC BY SA) allows you to claim copyright to
the final article, and you only need to release the maps by CC-BY-SA.

Needless to say IANAL but I am working with Richard and the OSMF to try and
get a lawyer to say something definitive on the subject but in the mean time
lets not make it more complicated than it needs to be!


> Hopefully CC & the FSF will resolve this at some point. And hopefully
> they will resolve BY-SA/FDL interoperability, which I have more hope
> for since the FSF released the SFDL draft. Once the FSF get the AGPL
> out they should be back onto the FDL revision and we can start
> hassling them about this.
> - Rob.

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