[OSM-legal-talk] Talk tonight...

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Thu Nov 15 12:41:48 GMT 2007

Peter Miller wrote:

> Either way, your work is a collective work and the same licence does not
> need to apply to every element. (CC BY SA) allows you to claim copyright to
> the final article, and you only need to release the maps by CC-BY-SA.
> Needless to say IANAL but I am working with Richard and the OSMF to try and
> get a lawyer to say something definitive on the subject but in the mean time
> lets not make it more complicated than it needs to be!

I agree about not making things more complicated than they need be, but 
the FSF (and Wikipedia) and CC do have different positions on this for 
their licences. Just crediting the maps will not satisfy the FSF's 
current guidelines:


The FSF's position seems to rely on American law. It may be completely 
cut and dried that maps + text would be a collective work in the UK but 
I don't know.

I am glad that legal advice is being sought on this. It might be 
worthwhile talking to CC and/or the FSF as well.

- Rob.

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