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Regardless of the legal position, I was surprised when I looked at a 100
year old map of my area.  Many of the street names had changed over that
time.  Some changes were subtle, Baker's Street had become Baker Street, but
others were dramatic, The Grange became Queens Road (I assume she must have
passed through once upon a time).

So even if you could legally copy the street names, your map may not give
you the correct current names.

Pragmatically, if a street doesn't have a name sign then maybe the correct
thing is to leave it as an unnamed street.  While surveying recently I came
across a street that had no sign.  There happened to be someone in the
street so I asked them about the name.  They replied "we just know it as the
street without a name".


On Nov 17, 2007 6:44 PM, Geoff Richards <qef at ungwe.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> Perhaps someone here can help me with a little legal question, or point
> me to any previous discussion of it.
> Some of the streets I've added to OSM in my area don't have signs with
> their names on (these are small streets, not used much anymore).  I've
> just received an interesting old map from someone on Ebay.  It's a
> reprint of an OS map, originally published in 1906 or 1908.  Obviously I
> could do what I wanted if I had an original print.
> My copy is a "Godfrey Edition" from http://www.alangodfreymaps.co.uk/
> published sometime in the last 25 years.  The map itself is an
> unmodified reprint except for a bit in the corner crediting the people
> who reprinted it.
> I don't really want to copy from this thing wholesale, it's too old, but
> I'd like to use it as a reference to find out what the names of a few
> streets are.  Can I do that under UK copyright law?  I can't see how the
> name of a street can be copyrighted, and the actual surveying of where
> they go is my own work.  It seems a bit silly to have to go and find a
> genuine original copy just so that I can say I saw the name of a street
> there rather than on a modern print.
> Anyway, I'd be grateful for any advice.
>    Geoff
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