[OSM-legal-talk] "DIY mapping" and "Power to the People" letters

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Sep 5 19:58:16 BST 2007


On Wed, Sep 05, 2007 at 07:47:10PM +0100, Andy Allan wrote:
> > Should it be more clear on the main page that the maps are freely copiable and
> > redistributable?
> Freely copyable and re-distributable, so long as you provide this
> vague and uncertain 'attribution' thingummy ;-)

And as long as you don't have the stupid idea of combining our freely
copyable and re-distributable CC-BY-SA stuff with other people's
freely copyable and re-distributable GNU FDL stuff. For example.

Maybe we should say "mostly free", or "free under certain conditions".

F'up to legal-talk.


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