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Subject: [ORG-discuss] Open Data Commons draft licence
Date: Monday 24 Sep 2007
From: Jordan S Hatcher <jordan at opencontentlawyer.com>
To: Open Rights Group open discussion list 
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I would like to announce the draft Open Data Commons Database
licence.  This is the new name, face, and text of the Talis Community
Licence update that I may have mentioned in an earlier email. A  
special thanks to Talis for sponsoring the update.

It is an attempt at a worldwide licence for data.  In Creative  
Commons terms it is an SA licence.

The blog post announcing its release is here:
Or try: http://tinyurl.com/32ekh6

The homepage on my site for information related to the licence is here:

The draft text of the licence itself is located here:

Because we separated out the Data from the Database in the licensing,
a supplemental BSD/MIT style licence for the data, intended for
factual information rather than other "contents of databases" is here:

Finally, though I suspect that we will have a lot to talk about on
this list, I've set up a discuss list specifically for the licence here:



Mr. Jordan S Hatcher, JD, LLM

jordan at opencontentlawyer dot com
IP/IT Blog: http://twitchgamer.net

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