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Tim Lohnes tim at lohneswright.com
Tue Apr 1 17:50:05 BST 2008


Just following up on the leaflet discussion. What about using OSM in a travel guide?

It will look completely different and have new information added. Sounds like a derivative work as well. What about the new added information that the travel publisher has researched and wants added (hotels, pubs, etc). Does that operate under the same license structure, meaning other people can copy it. The publisher would certainly balk at that as that is seen as their information that they have researched.

Ideally for me (the cartographer) the original map data would be copyright under the Creative Commons license and anything I add would not, which would be noted in the book credits at the front of the book. Does that work?

I have been reading up as much on OSM for about a year now and must admit to being more confused about the legal issues than I could possibly imagine. Any advice would be much appreciated. I think OSM is an amazing resource and want to use it properly, but am not sure how to do that at the moment.


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