[OSM-legal-talk] linz dataset for nz - attribution methods summary

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 21:46:39 BST 2008

many thanks to all that participated in the recent discussions on
attributing data provided by land information new zealand. i've read
through all that was discussed and written down a brief summary of
what osm will do and won't do, on the wiki:

i don't recall if there was ever a definite 'yes' or 'no' on item 4 of
what osm will do. please could someone clarify?


also copied below:

summary of attribution methods - what osm will and will not do
*osm will carry out:

    1. creating a wiki page with details of contributors, and
information on how to view the contributor of a specific piece of data
(through planet.osm, osmxapi, potlatch, etc.)
    2. adding a permanent link from the main map, to the attributions page
    3. creating an 'attribution' tag, which can be edited by any
member of the community. this tag will be applied only to items
requiring attribution
    4. ??? creating an 'attribution' tag, which can only be edited by
select members of the community. this tag will be applied only to
items requiring attribution ???

*osm will not carry out

    1. adding attribution text to maps, beside each item requiring attribution
    2. specific attribution labels which appear on-screen whenever an
item requiring attribution is being shown (such as used by google
    3. re-directions to attribution text, when data requiring
attribution is viewed for the first time

i think this reflects what was said in the discussions, please correct
me if i am wrong.

when the list of what osm will do has been finalised, it will be
passed on to linz for their approval or otherwise

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