[OSM-legal-talk] Reverse Geocoding

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Thu Apr 3 20:25:02 BST 2008

Frederik Ramm wrote:

> What's your opinion? And would it change should the proposed new  
> license
> get adopted?

a. It's a bit of a moot point, because CC-BY-SA doesn't force you to  
distribute; so if the company generates the invoice and sends it to  
their customers, who don't distribute it any further, the matter  
doesn't arise.

b. I tend to agree with you that a minuscule extract can't be protected.

c. Under ODL (the proposed licence) you're not really creating a  
derivative database - at the very most you're creating an "integrated  
experience" - so the sharealike isn't triggered. ODL doesn't really  
infect things that aren't data(bases), such as an invoice.

d. To be safe I'd suggest an acknowledgement to OSM somewhere on the  
invoice; again, I suspect that b. means you may not even need that,  
but it's good practice anyway.


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