[OSM-legal-talk] converted GPX trace

Elmer elmer at inbox.ru
Thu Apr 24 00:50:36 BST 2008

>If it's not one of your traces then the question is, how do you >know
>what the source was and have you spoken to the person that >uploaded it
>about the problem?
It's not my trace. First if you look at the trace (http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/akaDamian/traces/69890) you can notice that it has many points, all timestamps are practically same, and streets traced with professional quality.

Of course, I wrote a message to user (akaDamian) who upload the trace. He agreed that this trace was converted from mapcenter.cgpsmapper.com. He say that author of source map Alex Sherbakov. You can see original map at http://mapcenter.cgpsmapper.com/maplist.php?cnt=185&rgn=Primorskiy%20Kray

Info and terms of use (from link above):
2006-08-10 23:34:55+02 GMT (src: 1851, bin: 0)
70009025 (Roadmap by Alex Sherbakov)
Russian Federation, Primorskiy Kray
Vladivostok & around. With autorouting.
allowed uses: Personal, modified versions: Personal only

I ask akaDamian to delete converted trace, but has no reply.
So that's all.

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