[OSM-legal-talk] Tracing from Aerial Imagery

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Fri Aug 1 01:34:48 BST 2008

Has the recording of that session been made live?

On 31 Jul 2008, at 17:14, Frederik Ramm wrote:

> Hi,
>    this question is directed at those that were present during the
> questions session following Ed Parsons' talk at this year's SOTM.
> If I remember correctly, Ed had just explained that Google needed to  
> buy
> extra "tracing licenses" for aerial imagery to be used in Map Maker,  
> and
> that these licenses were more expensive than the ordinary "display
> licenses".
> Someone then said that Google Earth already has a built-in feature to
> trace from *any* Google imagery, and why that was allowed when Google
> didn't have those licenses.
> And in response Ed made a distinction that I had not heard in all  
> those
> "aerieal imagery tracing" discussions. If I remember correctly, he  
> said
> (more or less): As long as you trace something with which you have a
> personal relation - e.g. a bike route that you actually travelled, or
> the house that you live in - it's ok. It starts to become "not ok"  
> only
> when you begin large-scale tracing of terrain that you have no  
> personal
> relationship with.
> Question 1 - is that what Ed said? And question 2 - does it make  
> sense,
> legally? And question 3 - so I am allowed to trace my house, and my
> neighbour's, and my workplace, and the bakery I visit every morning,  
> and
> my birthplace, and my parent's house...?
> Bye
> Frederik
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