[OSM-legal-talk] Mass import of TeleAtlas data

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Aug 21 14:06:26 BST 2008


>> The right place would obviously be user Pranas' inbox. Have you at least 
>> made an attempt talking to him before demanding, in public, that all his 
>> contributions should be deleted?
> I have to admit that the very detailed examples that Albertas brought up in his mail, do look convincing 

Sure they do. But even *if* that user was importing proprietary data 
wholesale it could be a misunderstanding, and one could at least make an 
attempt to clarify this with him and only go public if that doesn't get 
one anywhere.

(For all you know, that guy could even have a written ok from TeleAtlas 
for what he's doing, or more likely from those people from whom 
TeleAtlas get their data, or whatever.)

I'm just saying that we should not publicly talk about what someone does 
without at least making an attempt to contact him - FIRST. If he says 
"go away it's none of your business" then you can still go public.


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