[OSM-legal-talk] Potential datasource with legal problems

Ciprian Talaba cipriantalaba at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 20:06:32 BST 2008

Hello fellow OSMers,

I have discovered some Romanian maps on 
http://mapcenter.cgpsmapper.com/catalogue.php?country=184 and I would 
like to make sure that I can use them as a datasource for OSM. The FAQ 
page on that site says something like:

*Q: What are the maps usage restrictions? Can I modify the downloaded 
A: Uploading their maps, authors agree that maps will be free to 
personal use and free to modify for personal purposes. Authors may 
decide to allow some other uses and/or allow to redistribute modified 
maps under certain conditions.

I understand that usually we cannot use the information, but in some 
cases (I saw maps that are marked as "allowed uses: No restrictions", 
see http://mapcenter.cgpsmapper.com/maplist.php?cnt=184&rgn=Erdely&cat=4 
for example) we can use the information.

Am I correct in my assumption?

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