[OSM-legal-talk] Potential datasource with legal problems

Alexander Menk menk-you.should.remove.this.for.permanent.contact at mestrona.net
Fri Aug 29 10:39:37 BST 2008


Ciprian Talaba wrote:
> I have discovered some Romanian maps on 
> http://mapcenter.cgpsmapper.com/catalogue.php?country=184 and I would 
> like to make sure that I can use them as a datasource for OSM. The FAQ 
> page on that site says something like:
> *Q: What are the maps usage restrictions? Can I modify the downloaded 
> maps?*
> A: Uploading their maps, authors agree that maps will be free to 
> personal use and free to modify for personal purposes. Authors may 
> decide to allow some other uses and/or allow to redistribute modified 
> maps under certain conditions.

Is it possible for you to contact the authors and inform them about OSM 
and ask them for permission to use the data?

> I understand that usually we cannot use the information, but in some 
> cases (I saw maps that are marked as "allowed uses: No restrictions", 
> see http://mapcenter.cgpsmapper.com/maplist.php?cnt=184&rgn=Erdely&cat=4 
> for example) we can use the information.
> Am I correct in my assumption?
I'm not sure ... They say "No restrictions, inform author if map is 
changed". So if you inform the author and put it on OSM that everybody 
can change it, is should be legal, according to my understanding.



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